Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Clothes Shopping

Clothes shopping never has and still isn't at the top of my "to do" list.  I still have a difficult time purchasing clothes that "fit" and I assume that I will always carry the "fat girl" image of myself in my mind's eye when I look in any mirror.

Yesterday I decided to go to my favorite re-sale shop (which has become a habit as I spent the last four years going through transition clothes and found that consignment stores and re-sale shops were my best friends) to see if I could pick up a few "fall/winter clothes" for my upcoming trip.  My Florida clothes will not keep me warm in Texas & Oklahoma in November.  I am a human popsicle, for those that do not know me.  I had gathered up several articles of clothing to try on and I realized once again that old habits die very hard.  I went into the dressing room and started trying on dresses, pants, tops and sweaters.  I probably had 30 pieces of clothing, of which seven of them actually fit and those were the ones that I had picked up because I thought they were cute but was sure they were too small.

Never before had I put on things with a size "SMALL" or a single digit "8" that actually went on my body and I was able to button, zip or didn't have multiple rolls of skin trying to escape from somewhere.  It really is quite mind boggling.  The realization that I now weigh 150 pounds and I can wear these clothes just blows me away.  Had you asked me when I started this journey where I would have been in 4 years, I would have told you that I would have lost weight and I would still be struggling to get where I wanted/needed to be.  The fact that I have met and exceeded my goals and continue to maintain my changes in lifestyle make me a very happy person.

To each of you that are thinking about a healthier life, are just starting a journey, or are well into the journey and have doubts, keep reaching...  the goals are obtainable.  A healthy, thinner life is very possible.

And the journey continues....

Monday, October 17, 2016

Makeover Monday

Every time I think about the fact that I have lost 140 pounds, I just shake my head.  Knowing that just four short years ago I was 140 pounds heavier makes me sad and at the same time makes me unbelievably happy.  The knowledge that I have reached this goal just blows my mind.  As I embarked on this journey, I had no idea what the outcome might be but I knew one thing...  I was determined to better my health and let the skinny girl out that was living inside me.

I, like many others, still deal with the fact that when I look in the mirror I obviously do not see what other people see when they look at me.  I have come to realize what all of those people with eating disorders must go through.  I have been heavy the majority of my life and have always hated mirrors and having pictures taken of me.  From my perspective I see an individual that has changed and has lost weight but I still see the flaws, and the opportunities for improvement.

Well, on this Monday, I get to look at myself  today and what I looked like four years ago.  It's definitely a "makeover Monday" as I see a different person staring back at me.  No only a person that has had a considerable weight loss, but a woman with a different attitude.  I have been through a significant lifestyle change and worked on making myself a healthier person.  I am a different person with a new lease on life.

And the journey continues...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Celebration Day

Happy hump day.  It's a gorgeous morning here in Florida after a pretty stressful week.  I made it through my first hurricane.  Thankfully Hurricane Matthew took a slight turn to the north before it reached us or it could have been a lot worse.  Prayers for all those in Haiti, the Bahamas, northern Florida and further up the coast.  I cannot fathom what they are all going through.

As for that pesky hurricane, I had no idea how stressful weather really can be.  Being from Oklahoma and having experienced tornadoes, I thought this would be easier but it's not.  Stress eating is a real thing people!!  Lol Although, for me, stress eating still isn't a lot of food but it makes you crave all kinds of things.  It puts a real strain on your will power but be bigger and more powerful.  You can overcome.  That brings me to "celebration Day."

Today is definitely a "Celebration Day" for me.  This has been a very eventful journey for me.  It has had lots of ups and downs and just like preparing for a hurricane, it's been very stressful.  Like all life lessons, you either use them to your advantage or you fall from your goals.  Today, after four very eventful years, I have lost 140 pounds!!!  I never imagined when I began this journey that I would be where I am now and that things would be so amazing.  As I always say, I would not be here without the unbelievable support of my wonderful husband, my two amazing boys, my family and my friends.  I can be quite a handful and all the changes (physically, hormonally, emotionally) would be enough to scare off most people, but they have all stuck by me and been there for me when I needed them.  I cannot thank them enough.

So, keep pushing, keep reaching for those goals.  Set those small goals and celebrate each achievement.  Celebrate EVERY non-scale victory!  Keep your eye on the ultimate prize and little, by little...  make it happen.  It's worth it.

And the journey continues...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Motivation Monday

We all need it and it's great to have people to share it with....  MOTIVATION!!!  Each day is a new start to your goals and those non-scale victories.  Make small goals that help you to get to your overall goal.  Rewards for accomplishing small goals help you work toward the ultimate goal as well.  So, put down the chocolate, dust off your walking/running shoes, pull the bike out of the garage, scan that gym membership card...  whatever it takes, get back on track to those goals.

And the journey continues....

Friday, September 16, 2016


Friday, the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend.  Bring it on!

Today, as with any other day, I am thinking about the changes that I need to make to continue my healthy lifestyle.  I have been horrible lately about my exercise regimen and desperately need to get back in the gym ASAP.  I am losing muscle mass and looking bony.  Bony, by my opinion, is not attractive and looks unhealthy.

For those that have followed my journey know that when I began the weight loss portion of this journey, I weighed 293 pounds and wore a woman's size 28 clothing.  I believe I am the smallest I have ever been (maybe I was smaller at some point when I was a kid, but that doesn't count).  I currently weigh 156 pounds and I wear a various range of sizes depending on the cut of the clothing.  I wear some 8, some 10, some 12's in misses sizes.   I wear some 11 & 13's in junior sizes which really blows my mind.  This is not something I ever imagined and can cause tears (for those that know me) when I stop to think about it.

Anyway, back to the lifestyle changes.  A healthy lifestyle is one that includes eating right, portion control and exercise.  It takes all the components to you keep you healthy, not just one or two pieces.  With that being said, it's into the pool I go for a few laps and back to the gym for some weights, squats (I'm never going to have a real and all the other wonderful exercises that I used to think of as torture but have come to enjoy now.

Keep your heads up, the smiles on your faces, those let fortunate in your hearts and prayers and continue to the battle for the skinny person inside that is dying to get out.

And the journey continues...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fell Off the Earth

You all must have thought I truly did fall off of the earth.  I cannot believe it has been so long since my last blog post.

A lot has happened since my last post.  I told you all that I was freezing and I am very much a warm weather/beach girl that needed to find a new place of residence...  well, I did.

Early in 2015 my amazing hubby told his boss that he needed to find a position near a beach or his wife was going to move without him.  In February of last year, his boss called him and told him that he was being transferred to south Florida.  YAY!!!  In April of last year the hubs left me and the boys in Tulsa and headed to south Florida to start our new adventure.  This left the boys and I the duties of working, finishing school, baseball season, selling our house, packing and preparing for the move as soon as the boys got out of school.

On June 3, 2015, the boys, our dog, my friend Holly and I set out on a 1,300 mile journey from Tulsa, OK to our new home in Jupiter, FL.  We decided to take a few days and a little bit of a scenic route.  We wound up in New Orleans, we stopped for yummy BBQ in Mississippi, hit the beach in Destin, FL and continued on to our final stop.  We arrived in Jupiter on Saturday, June the 6th.  It was a long trip and one that I do not hope to have to make again anytime soon (via car).  We have been back a few times via airplane and have had multiple friends/family here as well.  That support system remains even at this distance.

I have continued on my weight loss journey through all the craziness and I have continued to share my accomplishments with many new people along the way.  I am very fortunate that all of the changes and stress of the move did not set me back in regard to my weight loss.  I have been able to maintain and along the way I have finally made some of the body modifications that I was wanting.  I am not done with everything that I plan to have done but I working toward those goals and WILL be there eventually.

In August of 2015, I had my first body modification surgery.  I had bilateral brachioplasty (arm lift) to get rid of the horrible bat wings and breast augmentation.  When you lose 130 pounds, your breasts tend to disappear or at least mine did.  I had surgery on Thursday morning and was back working on Monday morning.  One of the best things I have done since weight loss.

I know I talked about making changes that make you feel better about yourself during your weight loss journey.  Well, moving to Florida motivated me to make a change in my hair color too.

So, here it is September 2016 and I am still working every day to maintain my weight loss and to be the healthiest person that I can be.  I currently weigh 158 pounds.  I am finally in the normal weight range in regard to my BMI (body mass index) and I feel great (most days).  I'm still working on that "muscle mass" in the buttock region but let's be honest...  I've never had a butt even when I was a big girl.

I will try to be a better blogger now.  This blog is really therapeutic for me and if it helps one other individual then it makes me happy.

And the journey continues...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Motivation

The weather here is going to be nice today.  Get up, get out and get moving.  Grab your tennis shoes, take a walk, go for a jog, get on your bike but get moving...

And the journey continues...